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Shakespeare's Secrets

 A Caulfield, Sheridan Mystery

When Ariadne Caulfield and Judith Sheridan, professors at Rutherford College in the small north Florida town of Coowahchobee, return from their exciting adventures in Venice, Italy (Love and Death in Venice, the first novel in this series), they are immediately plunged into another murder mystery.

 Ariadne finds both death and love when she discovers a corpse in her study and is drawn into a relationship with the local county sheriff, Beaufort (Beau ) Hammell, who leads the subsequent criminal investigation. Ariadne tries to discover what might be missing from her study. Her meditations on a Shakespeare sonnet that was significant in her past provide clues.

 A second murder occurs after music professor Julian Baldwin seduces troubled coed Allison McEnvoy. When Allison is strangled in her dorm room, Julian becomes a prime suspect as does her boyfriend, Jason. Attempts to solve this murder are unsuccessful until Ariadne and Judith step in. 

 In the end the only question remaining is whether Ariadne will marry Beau.

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Love and Death in Venice

My mystery novel, Love and Death in Venice, is the first in a series featuring two professors, Ariadne Caulfield and Judith Sheridan. 

A summer in Venice seemed like a great idea to visiting professors Ariadne Caulfield and Judith Sheridan. While they are recovering from romantic losses, new loves enter their lives. Judith meets Suzanne Hanks and Ariadne falls for a wealthy art dealer. But then . . . 

Brutal, dangerous, and corrupt, Tarek Duka is a thug intent on finding Rachele--a woman who does not want to be found. When Tarek discovers her working at the hotel where Ariadne and Judith are staying, their paths cross--and the professors' summer is changed forever.



 Love and Death in Venice

''This atmospheric tale leads you down narrow winding streets and complex waterways, where violent Mafiosi interact with innocent academicians and terror collides with tiramisu.''

Sheila Ortiz-Taylor, author of Outrageous

About The Author

During her tenure on the faculty in the English Department and Women's Studies at Florida State University, Bonnie Hoover Braendlin wrote articles on autobiography, ethnic literature, and the female bildungsroman and edited volumes of film criticism. Love and Death in Venice, her debut novel, is the first in a series about the adventures of two North Florida professors when criminal activities intrude on their academic lives.

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                   Love and Death in Venice

''Here we have a seductive introduction to Venice and to Ariadne Caulfield and Judith Sheridan, who, as they navigate the unsettled waters of their own old and new loves, confront the treacherous paths some women take in search of freedom.'


M. B. Powell, author of Lovers, Mothers, Killers, Others

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