Buried Seeds Review

Stories of women who struggle against male domination and societal prejudices are both inspiring and educational. This is especially the case with Donna Meredith’s most recent novel, Buried Seeds. Moreover, her juxtapositioning of two time periods, one-hundred years apart, underscores the ongoing reality of women’s struggles but also the importance of women bonding with one another and with heroic ancestors to incorporate their courage and strength. Conflicted but courageous characterizes the two protagonists: Angie in a 2017 West Virginia teacher’s union is fighting for better pay while trying to hold her marriage together; her ancestor Rosella is a struggling suffragette one hundred years earlier. If I were still teaching my Women and Literature course, I would certainly include Buried Seeds on my syllabus: it has the potential for fruitful discussions. This is not to say that the novel is at all “preachy”; on the contrary, Meredith’s lively prose style captivated my attention from the start and kept me interested in the plot, characterization, and subtle thematic messages. It is a very engrossing read.


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